TimeFlip2 Quick Start Guide
Product description
— Key product features
— Who is the product for?
— What is in the box?

— Battery
— Operating and storage environment
— Condensation
Product description
TIMEFLIP2 is an interactive time tracker, designed to make logging time an intuitive and enjoyable task. TIMEFLIP2 is powered by a mobile app (iOS and Android) and a web service to store, process and visualize time data.

Key product features

● Embedded LED for instant visual feedback on your time status.
● Pomodoro timer to split work in sprints for maximum efficiency.
● Web interface, supporting data export and integration.
● Tap-on function to pause/resume tracking.
● Network independent, works offline.
● Onboard memory to store up to 40 days of tracking.
● Powered by two replaceable AA batteries for extended lifetime.

Who is the product for?

TIMEFLIP2 is created for individuals and teams to help them manage workload, bill hours, track project time and analyze productivity. It has been designed as ultimately simple and user-friendly time tracking tool.

What is in the box?

Your box contains one TIMEFLIP2, a Quick Start guide with a set of stickers and two AA batteries. Contact your place of purchase if any item is missing or damaged. Be sure to retain your proof of purchase and package material. They might be required for warranty service.
The following image shows the location of battery holder (1), control module (2) and casing locks (3).
ATTENTION! It is strictly prohibited to put the control module under water, on metal surface, or heat. Please, keep it out of reach of small children or pets to avoid the risk of being swallowed.

AA; 2500 mAh; 3V; Li-Ion battery

TIMEFLIP2 is powered by two AA batteries. To replace them, slightly press around the locks (3) to open the casing, change the battery and close the casing back. When replacing batteries, always make sure they are inserted with correct polarity, as marked on the holder with "+" and "-" signs.

Operating and storage environment

15 °C to 40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F)


Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity when using TIMEFLIP2 as rapid build-up of condensation can cause TIMEFLIP2 electronics to malfunction.
Getting started
To start using your TIMEFLIP2, you need to first insert the batteries inside the battery holder (1) and then close the casing by placing two halves of the shell together and slightly pressing them towards each other until they are locked, as shown on the picture. Please make sure the batteries are inserted with correct polarity, as marked on the holder with "+" and "-" signs.
Case assembly

NOTE! After TimeFlip2 switches on, it shall go through a quick (5 sec) self-test, blinking in the following color sequence: red-yellow-green-azure-blue-magenta. After this sequence is complete, TimeFlip2 stops blinking, which means it is ready for use. If the sequence is сut short on red or yellow color, the device is defective.

Marking facets

Mark the facets of your TIMEFLIP2, using the stickers provided. You may opt for stickers with predefined icons or use empty stickers for drawing your own mark.

Using to the App

When the App is launched for the first time you will be asked to register a user account, with either your email or your existing Facebook/Google account.

After the registration, you will see a quick tutorial on how to set up your TIMEFLIP2. The App will automatically switch to the device search screen. Use the following steps to set up your device.

Screen examples
Assigning a task: To assign a task, place TimeFlip2 so that the side with required task faces up. Tap on "add new" pictogram (screen 1) to set up a new task or on a pictogram of a previously created task.

Editing a task: In the "Edit task" menu (2) you can set the following attributes for your task: Name, Icon, Color (aligned with LED lighting), Tag (associates task with a given project, client, etc), Rate (for billable tasks), Pomodoro. Time for a task can be tracked in either direct or pomodoro (countdown) timer mode. Tap on "Pomodoro" to set a countdown timer for a task, with a desired range.

Tracking time: use Tracking (3) menu to start/pause tracking time for a task. Long tap on pause/play button activates "lock task" mode when flippin or moving the device does not change a task. Tap on a task name to open a given task statistics screen or swipe left to reset time for selected task.

Statistics: Your time statistics is visualized in the Statistics menu (4). Tap on a task name to open selected task statistics and edit the logged time, if needed.

Settings: In the settings menu you may set the LED brightness level, blink interval and auto-pause delay. You can also update firmware and reset TimeFlip2 (erase all tasks).

NOTE! After first connection, TimeFlip2 becomes associated with the initial user account. This is done to protect from unauthorized connection by another user. If you need to move the device from one user account to another, you need to hard reset it by pulling the batteries out and putting them back again.

NOTE! When left untouched for long, TIMEFLIP2 goes to energy save mode, disconnecting from the app. To wake it up, it is enough to shake or flip the device.

Web interface is available at app.timeflip.io. There you can monitor and analyze your time logs in a browser window and export them in csv/xls format.
Where can I download the mobile app, and what mobile OS are supported?
At the moment TIMEFLIP2 supports Android and iOS. You can find TIMEFLIP2 app in the App store or Google Play.
How do I mark tasks on my TIMEFLIP2?
Use stickers provided, either empty or with predefined icons.
How do I switch between tasks?
Simply flip TIMEFLIP2 over, so your current tasks faces up. Note, that it may need 1-2 seconds to sync with the mobile app after a flip.
How do I pause/resume tracking?
Use pause/play icon "II" in the app tracking screen or tap on the device directly. Single tap for pause and double tap to resume tracking.
How do I freeze tracking if I need to carry TIMEFLIP2 somewhere and want it to hold on the actual task?
Long tap on pause icon "II" in the tracking screen, right to the time counter. A "lock" icon shall appear. Now your TIMEFLIP2 can be moved without switching the task.
Do I have to keep TIMEFLIP2 app constantly open for tracking?
Not at all. TIMEFLIP2 has been designed to operate offline (without connection to the app) for an average of 40 days of tracking. It is enough to open the app for automatic sync to visualize and analyze accumulated data.
Can I set TIMEFLIP2 to auto pause in case I forget to stop it?
Yes, go to the settings menu and select needed auto pause range.
How long do the batteries last?
No less than half a year and then it is easy to replace.
Do I need bluetooth 4.0 on my phone?
Yes, make sure your smartphone supports Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) or higher.
What if I forget to turn TIMEFLIP2 on another side?
You can edit your time entries inside TIMEFLIP2 app task statistics screen, just tap on the task name to open it.
How do I update TIMEFLIP2 firmware?
Firmware updates are made via Bluetooth and available to download in the mobile app settings menu.
Appendix A. Service and support
The following information describes the technical support that is available for your product, during the warranty period or throughout the life of your TIMEFLIP2. Refer to TIMEFLIP2 Limited Warranty for a full explanation of TIMEFLIP2's warranty terms.

Online technical support
Contact us at support@timeflip.io for any technical help.
Go to www.timeflip.io for more product information, hacks and FAQs.
Visit TIMEFLIP YouTube channel for demonstration videos.
Appendix B. TimeFlip2 limited warranty
TF Pte Ltd, any subsidiary thereof, or any affiliate of TIMEFLIP2 owning a controlling interest in, owned by, or under common ownership control with, TF Pte Ltd., including, without limitation, their respective subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively: "TIMEFLIP2") warrants to the end user customer ("Customer" or "you") in respect of any TIMEFLIP2 product (main control board /casings) sold to you by TIMEFLIP2 or TIMEFLIP2's authorized reseller (the "Product"), when used in accordance with the documentation furnished by TIMEFLIP2 ("Documentation"), will be free in all material respects of defects in materials and workmanship ("Limited Warranty"), for a period of: (i) one (1) year after the date of purchase by Customer of the applicable Product from TIMEFLIP2 or TIMEFLIP2's authorized reseller for Products purchased in Europe; and (ii) one hundred and eighty (180) days after the date of purchase by Customer of the applicable Product from TIMEFLIP2 or TIMEFLIP2's authorized reseller for Products purchased in the rest of the world excluding Europe (alternatively, the "Warranty Period").

Replacements Products may be refurbished and/or different models, at TIMEFLIP2's sole discretion, but be functionally equivalent to the Product being replaced.

Any Product that has either been repaired or replaced under this Limited Warranty will have warranty coverage for longer of: (i) ninety (90) days as receipt of the repaired/replaced Product; or (2) the remaining Warranty Period. Retained Products for which a replacement has been provided shall become TIMEFLIP2's property.

The Limited Warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the Product from TIMEFLIP2, or from a TIMEFLIP2 authorized reseller, and is not transferable.

If the Product (or any component or portion thereof) fails to conform to the Limited Warranty, TIMEFLIP2 will (at TIMEFLIP2's sole discretion) either (a) use commercially reasonable efforts to repair or replace any defective Product; or (b) accept the return of the Product and refund to Customer the fees actually paid by Customer to TIMEFLIP2 or TIMEFLIP2's authorized reseller for such Product; and the foregoing shall be Customer's sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this Limited Warranty.