What mobile OS are supported

TIMEFLIP2 apps support all Android OS versions starting from 7.0 and iOs versions starting from 10.0. The apps are 100% free of charge with no subscription or other hidden fees.

Do I need to keep TIMEFLIP2 app open for tracking?

Not at all. TIMEFLIP2 time tracking hardware has been designed to operate offline (without connection to the app) for an average of 40 days of tracking. It is enough to open the app to sync, visualize and analyze accumulated data.

How do I pause/resume tracking?

1. In the app: tap on pause/play icon, or

2. Double tap directly on the tracker. It shall signal with LED flashes each time it is paused/started, or

3. Designate a "pause side" to make the tracker go idle when this side is facing up (e.g. using a "break" sticker). Set a 1-min Pomodoro time buzzer for that side to automatically pause time tracking when it is flipped there.

My TIMEFLIP2 became glitchy, what do I do?

Almost certainly the batteries need to be replaced. Depleting batteries affect Bluetooth connection and the device cannot synchronise properly.

What if I need to carry the tracker?

If you need to carry your TIMEFLIP2, you can lock (freeze) the device to avoid uncontrolled tracking. Please, go to the tracking menu in the app and long tap on pause/play button until a lock sign appears. The device can be locked in either tracking or paused state. Now it will not respond to any flipping or moving unless unlocked in the app again.

How long do batteries last?

Quality AA alkaline batteries last 6+ months. You can extend battery life by adjusting blink brightness and interval in the Settings. Note, that low quality batteries can leak fluids and damage the device.

Can I put TIMEFLIP2 on auto pause?

Yes, use the "Auto pause" slider in the Settings menu and select desired delay time.

Can I add/edit time manually?

You can always edit your time entries inside TIMEFLIP2 app. Short tap on a task name in Tracking menu to open its statistics. Tap on a day bar and then on "time per day" to edit. Please, avoid editing time for an active task as it may generate errors.

How do I update TIMEFLIP2 firmware?

Firmware is updated via Bluetooth. Please check the app Settings for the most recent updates. When updating the firmware, make sure not to touch the device until the process is complete.

My tracking app shows unrealistic time, what should I do?

Your time tracking cube has not been synched for some time or the last session was unsuccessful. Make sure your device is within the range for Bluetooth connection and restart the app to sync and refresh data.
You may also log out from your profile in the app Settings (upper right) and login back to force sync the tracker.

My app does not respond to pause / tracking button, what should I do?

The connection to your device has been lost. Please, make sure your device is within the range for Bluetooth connection and restart the app – it will reconnect to the tracker.

My phone can't find TIMEFLIP2 at the initial setup, what should I do?

1. Please check if batteries are inserted correctly. In such case, the device shall go through a self test by blinking a sequence of colors as described in the guide.
2. Consider the following sequence: remove TIMEFLIP2 from the list of Bluetooth devices – delete and reinstall the app – turn off/on Bluetooth – open the app and go through initial steps again, making sure that the pairing happens inside the app. Several pairing requests might be needed to bond.

I get "can't connect to someone else's device" message, what should I do?

Upon initial setup TIMEFLIP2 becomes bound to the user's account to prevent from unauthorized connection. Two-level protection includes a password and a PIN key for BLE pairing.
If you have changed your phone, forgot password, or logged with different credentials you will need to hard reset the device by opening it and closing back again.
To move the device from one user to another, tap on "Disconnect TIMEFLIP" in the Settings menu and unbind the device.

Can I access my time logs through your API?

Sure, you can register and send requests to TIMEFLIP API to obtain time entries for your tasks. Detailed user instructions are available here

TIMEFLIP2 starts/stops occasionally.

The tap support feature makes the tracker sensitive to strong vibrations. When placed on a hard resonating surface, such as wood, it can be activated by knocking or hitting such surface close to the device. We recommend using a pad of a softer insulating material; even a couple of sheets of paper placed under the device will solve this issue if you have it.

TIMEFLIP2 assembly

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