Where can I download the mobile app, and what mobile OS are supported?
At the moment TIMEFLIP2 supports Android (7.0+) and iOS (10.0+). You can find TIMEFLIP2 app in the App Store or Google Play.
How do I mark tasks on my TIMEFLIP2?
Use stickers provided, either empty or with predefined icons.
How do I pause/resume tracking?
Use pause/play icon in the app tracking screen. Or use double tap on the device directly to set the device on pause or resume tracking.
How do I freeze tracking if I need to carry TIMEFLIP2 somewhere and want it to hold on the actual task?
Long tap on pause icon in the tracking screen, right to the time counter. A "lock" icon shall appear. Now your TIMEFLIP2 can be moved without switching the task.
How do I switch between tasks?
Simply flip TIMEFLIP2 over, so your current tasks faces up. Note, that it may need 1-2 seconds to sync with the mobile app after a flip.
Can I set TIMEFLIP2 to auto pause in case I forget to stop it?
Yes, go to the settings menu and select needed auto pause range.
How long do the batteries last?
No less than half a year. Please, use proven brand alkaline batteries for longer and safer work. Note, that low quality batteries can leak fluids and damage the device.
What if I forget to turn TIMEFLIP2 on another side?
You can edit your time entries inside TIMEFLIP2 app task statistics screen, just tap on the task name to open it.
How do I update TIMEFLIP2 firmware?
Firmware updates are made via Bluetooth and available to download in the mobile app settings menu.
My tracking app shows unrealistic time, what should I do?
This means it has not been synched with your device for some time or the last session was unsuccessful. Simply restart the app and it will do the job.
Do I have to keep TIMEFLIP2 app constantly open for tracking?
Not at all. TIMEFLIP2 has been designed to operate offline (without connection to the app) for an average of 40 days of tracking. It is enough to open the app for automatic sync to visualize and analyze accumulated data.
My app does not respond to pause / tracking button, what should I do?
All buttons responsible for tacking are active only when the app is connected to the device. Please, make sure you have your device within reach for Bluetooth and simply restart the app.
How do I edit time entries in the app?
Short tap on a task in Tracking menu to open task statistics. Tap on "time per day" and enter corrected time, if needed. Please, avoid editing time for an active task (the one being recorded at the moment), as this can generate error. You may pause the task first, or switch to another side before editing it.
My phone can't find TIMEFLIP2 at the initial setup, what should I do?
A) please check you have downloaded the correct app (TIMEFLIP2). B) please check, if the gadget made the self-test after assembly blinking a sequence of colors as described in the present guide. C) consider the following sequence: remove TIMEFLIP2 from the list of Bluetooth devices (if it appears there) – delete and re-install the app – turn off and back on Bluetooth on your phone – open the app and go through initial steps again, making sure that the pairing happens inside the app. On some occasions more than 3 pairing requests might be needed to establish bonding.
Upon initial setup TIMEFLIP2 becomes bound to the user's account to prevent from unauthorized connection. Two-level protection includes a password-protected account and a PIN key for BLE pairing. If you need to move your TIMEFLIP2 from one user/phone to another, please go to Settings menu and tap on "Disconnect TIMEFLIP" to unpair the device.
If you have changed your phone or forgot password, you need to hard reset the device by opening it and closing back again.

TIMEFLIP2 assembly

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