Human-friendly time tracker
Human-friendly time tracker
Redesigned inside and out, TimeFlip2 is the result of feedback collected from thousands of users, who made TimeFlip a reality, coupled with our hard work, tests and trials.

Yes, it's here!
Our goal? To give you the best time tracking experience ever!
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The product? World’s first interactive time tracker that feels and works great.
More than just clocking time
TimeFlip2 is still ultimately simple tool to track your time, but now it is more powerful, smart and cool
Embedded LED for instant visual feedback on your time status
New user-friendly web interface, supporting data export and integration
Pomodoro timer to split work in sprints for maximum efficiency
Integrated data analytics to optimize your productivity profile
New robust shell and two AA batteries for extended lifetime
Tap-on function to pause/resume tracking
Mobile and web app
Includes TF2.0 motion sensor with LED and tap-on functionality, 12-sided solid plastic shell, set of stickers and a free app

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A time-tracking gadget simple enough that I might actually use
This makes it so easy because it doesn't take you out of what you are doing. You can just simply flip it over and it's tracking the time for you
Hack the way you manage your day with the TimeFlip Time-Tracking Device
Will help you manage your time without adding much to it
A simple time tracker to help boost your productivity
Become more productive with the help of this app-connected dodecahedron
Winner 2019
TIMEFLIP2 dans Planete Techno TV show, Canada. @planetetechnoiciexplora
This quirky little product could just be what you need to regain focus throughout the day

Who needs TimeFlip?
Everyone, who seek to take control of their time and boost productivity. From freelancers to software engineers, from consultants to lawyers or business executives. Unlike pure software tools, TimeFlip does not distract you while filling your timesheets. You will never lose focus working on something important.

For corporate clients we offer simple and efficient tool to analyze productivity in teams, optimize workflow and communication with clients.

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