6 Benefits of Time Tracking Apps for Remote Employees

When you're working remotely, you face several professional challenges that can be hard to overcome. From low productivity windows to a lack of trust between you and your employer, it can all negatively impact your daily performance.
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That's why remote employees are looking for surefire ways to boost their daily performance and work on self-improvement as much as possible. The one tool that most remote employees find extremely useful is a time tracking app or a productivity timer for desk.

Time tracking apps do more than measuring when you started and finished working. They can significantly improve a remote employee's performance. If you're not sure how - just keep reading.

Here are the 6 biggest benefits of time tracking apps for remote employees.
1. Increased Productivity
  • Everyone who's ever worked from home knows that sticking to specific work hours and being self-disciplined is one of the biggest challenges of working remotely. No matter how hard you try, you still wind up wasting some of your time on meaningless activities around the house.

    Although you get the work done, it takes you more time than what's real, and you spend more energy.

    With a time tracking app, things change for the better. By knowing there's an app tracking how much work you've done and in what time, you're more motivated to:
  • Work harder
  • Make fewer breaks
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Stay focused and ignore the distractions
You don’t want to spend your workday clicking pause and resume on your time tracking app, just to scroll social media or have a snack you don’t even crave that much.
2. Improved Trust
When you're working remotely, your employee has no insight into how you're working or what exactly are you doing during work hours. While most employees care about the results you deliver, there's always a seed of doubt as to whether you're doing your job professionally.

Time tracking apps can help improve remote employees' relationships with their employers and build trust between them.
  • Most of these apps can:
  • Measure the time needed for finishing specific tasks
  • Take screenshots of employee's screens to see what they're up to
  • Create a record of the activities and tasks that are being handled during work hours
Let's say you work in customer support. Your employee will want to see you writing emails, responding to messages, making calls, using GetGoodGrade to write better reports and research results. They don't want to think you're writing a personal statement for another job during your work hours.

So, when the employer has insight into how you do your work, they'll feel more confident in having you as an employee. It will remove the tension of not working together physically, and help promote a more friendly culture between you.
3. Fair Billing
For those remote employees who charge by the hour, time tracking apps are life-savers. How else would you demonstrate the number of hours needed to complete a project or a task?
  • In this case, both parties are happy with using the time tracking app:
  • The employee shows the exact amount of time they spent working and can charge fairly
  • The employer knows they're paying as per the agreement, and the employee is not trying to trick them
It’s a win-win situation in which everyone involved gets fair treatment.
4. Performance Measuring
Every working professional wants to improve their skills and performance, to be more competitive as an employee. But, without any precise insight into your daily performance, you’re not able to work on your weak spots.

Time tracking apps can help you with this, as well.
  • You can use your time tracking apps to:
  • Analyze how much time you need for specific tasks
  • See when you're being the most or the least productive
  • Understand where another team member could jump in and help you
  • See what skills you need to continue working on
By analyzing your daily performance, you can learn a lot about yourself as a professional. So, use the data from the time tracking app to work on self-improvement.
5. Split Work
Some remote employees have their own working rituals and ways of boosting their performance. Working in sprints or splitting work using breaks is a popular form of increasing your own efficiency.

So, whether you're using the original Pomodoro Technique or you have your rhythm, you can program your time tracking app to signal when it's time to work and when it's time for a break.

For instance, the TIMEFLIP2 time tracking app comes with an in-build Pomodoro timer you can use for this purpose.
  • That means that you can use your time tracking app to:
  • Organize your work sessions
  • Adjust the tempo of your work to your personal preferences
  • Work at your own pace
With well-organized and guided work hours, you have more motivation and make better results every day.
6. Financial Control
When you're working remotely, and charge by the hour, your finances can get pretty unstable. One month you're earning this much and the other month is a whole other picture.

Still, you need to find a way to control your finances and have a better understanding of the dynamics of your workload.
  • Luckily, you can use time tracking apps to monitor:
  • Your hourly rates for different projects
  • The amount of money you've made so far
  • The pending payments you've got
On top of that, you can create custom reports and have a detailed insight into the hours spent working and the amount of money you've made. This way, you can do more to improve your monthly income and anticipate the payment dynamics more precisely.
Final Thoughts
As you can see, a time tracking app can benefit a remote employee on so many levels. From increased productivity to better financial control, you can use your time tracking app in multiple beneficial ways.

Hopefully, the 6 benefits we’ve discussed above will motivate you to start using a time tracking app and improve every segment of your daily remote work.
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