Time and Energy Management, How These Are Connected

Time is a finite source while energy is renewable. Often people fail to understand that time is best utilized if you are energetic and motivated. No matter how much time you have, due to the lack of energy, it seems to stretch on forever.
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So, time and energy are two essential components that can make and break the creativity inside a person. Long hours tend to cause burnout in people leaving zero creativity in their wake.

Similarly, a creative mind is not explored enough if there is no time management. Understanding the close relationship between time and energy management teaches individual skills that go far in life.

Let's take a look at ways in which we can harness our energy peaks. Also, how we can train our brain to think unwanted and hefty tasks can be equally rewarding!

Fully Utilise The Energy Peak Hours

Our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day. It is not the same for everyone. A human body's peak energy hours are influenced by diet, sleep, exercise, and circadian rhythm.

That is why some hours feel so good while you want to doze off and disconnect from the world in later hours.

Subjectively certain people are indeed too bubbly and full of energy most times of the day. Such individuals know when to work and how to fully utilize the overflowing energy.

One has to recognize his 'golden hours' to break the wall of laziness. At the peak hours, your body's ability to be creative is highlighted due to sharp cognitive function, better understanding, and quick responses.
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Naturally, the majority of people feel energetic during the early hours of the day. Utilizing that energy in a carefully managed time will take off half of your workload even before the day fully starts.

If you miss that opportunity then the declining energy level, throughout the day, will create the picture of the office or student tasks as a daunting and never-ending nightmare.

Brain Bias

Phenomena like Time Discounting or Delay Discounting are quite common in individuals when faced with the option of choosing between hefty tasks or easy tasks.

Your brain is biased towards quick and easy tasks. Because the sooner you finish the faster you can get dopamine reward. In this process, the bigger reward of a hefty task is completely overlooked.

Most of us choose to scroll through social media or give a quick answer to an email. This way we are completing a task and can get immediate satisfaction. However, if we had gotten over the hefty task first that would have been the grander prize. Now we would have been left with smaller quick tasks that can be done easily.

Chasing Dopamine, our happy neurotransmitter has made us forget the importance of utilizing energy at the right time. Naturally, we gravitate towards the easier and simpler chores. Don't forget to look at the bigger picture!

Right Energy, Right Time

It is good that you can recognize the constant brain conflict over the immediate reward and the hidden prize concealed by the daunting tasks.

Effective energy management would be not falling for the trap. Training your brain to harvest the energy at the right time will generate results that are twice as rewarding.

Over time you will realize the positive influence on your thinking patterns, decision-making, task completion, and more!

Let's take a look at ways you can manage the energy peaks. Not to mention, time management is a huge part of the ordeal to increase creativity and productivity and avoid losing track of time.

Establish Goals

Define your goals. Make a plan and stick to the plan. First, you have to recognize the end of the road. Do you want it to be smooth and evenly paved? Or would you rather finish on an uneven road?

Divide the Time

Match your time to your energy peaks. Do not overdo yourself. Take breaks and divide your time between smaller and bigger tasks. Ave the low-energy hours for the tasks that do not require much concentration or creativity. Utilize a pomodoro timer or a time recorder to pause for rest or, better yet, a quick physical exercise.


Do not fall for the trap of immediate rewarding tasks. Focus on hefty tasks first. Understand yourself and overcome the temptations that cause delays to the workload. Additionally, recognize your energy patterns and their usefulness.

Reward Yourself

At the end of the day give yourself a good pat. A small gratitude gift would be a great idea. Celebrating small milestones is a creative way of keeping yourself motivated. It will prevent burnout and promote a continuously rewarding workflow.
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Long Term Goals

The thought of a task that sans long hours is tiring in itself. Even if the task is easy and simple. Train your brain to recognize the result. The price of these tasks is bigger. Focus on the end and reinforce long-term goals while utilizing positive energy.


Your happiness is a few carefully planned strategies away. Strategies regarding time keeping and energy management help you tackle unnerving tasks. Immediate rewards are a huge deflection that your brain has become addicted to.

Recognizing your potential behind the peak energy hours will make you a master of your time sheet in the office. Lastly, multidirectional energy schemes will make you love your work resulting in creativity and productivity.
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