Your next generation physical time tracker
The supporters of TimeFlip — we heard you! Thanks to your feedback we’re making TimeFlip2 upgraded with a number of great features to make it even smarter and more independent from interaction with a smartphone or PC app. All for the most flawless time tracking!
Pre-orders will open in June 2019.
Estimated retail price $ 99

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More than just tracking
TimeFlip2 is still ultimately simple tool to track your time,
but now it can do more
Embedded LED indication TimeFlip2 provides you with immediate visual feedback on your time status.
Pause/resume tracking by directly tapping on the device.
Pomodoro timer allows you to set time limits and split your work in quants for maximum productivity.
AI-powered productivity advisor to optimize your productivity profile.
Register now for early bird price!
Register now for early bird price!