How it works

Mark your activities on TIMEFLIP2 facets, using pre-designed or blank stickers or write directly on the tracker surface
Assign each activity in the mobile app
Select color and icon for your tasks
Chose billable or non-billable time
Define priority tasks
Place TIMEFLIP2 with your current activity facing up. Flip the device once you need to move onto the next task. Track time online and offline, in direct or pomodoro mode
Analyze, manage and export your time entries in the Web app
Connect your timesheet with your favourite calendar apps


TIMEFLIP2 is designed to minimise digital distractions. It has a memory on board and works offline. Try using time tracker without checking the app.

Develop a time tracking habit by training your muscle memory with TIMEFLIP2 for an ultimate skill that requires little conscious effort.

Keep TIMEFLIP2 within your sight. It is a perfect visual reminder, so you never forget to track time.

Train your focus muscle with TIMEFLIP2. Set pomodoro mode for this productivity timer cube and it will notify you when it's time for a break.

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