How do I write tasks on the sides of TimeFlip?
It's very simple - use any non-permanent marker and write directly on the sides of TimeFlip body or on the special stickers that included in Craft and DIY sets.
How do I connect tasks to mobile application?
Open the TimeFlip application, in drop-down menu, select the task or create a new one.
Where do I find the application and how do I know if it supports my smartphone?
TimeFlip is compatible with Android and iOS. You can find the app in the AppStore or Google Play using "TimeFlip" in search line.
How long does TimeFlip run on one battery?
Not less than a year.
What's included in TimeFlip DIY Kit?
DIY Kit contains a TimeFlip sensor, a cardboard holder and sets for different sized cases. Everything else is limited only by your imagination.
How can I get TimeFlip SDK and CAD projects to create my own enclosures or print already designed?
To access, fill out the Develop for TimeFlip form
Using TimeFlip Magnet
Using TimeFlip Craft
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