Where can I download the mobile app, and what mobile OS are supported?
At the moment TimeFlip supports Android and iOS. You can find TimeFlip app in the App store or Google Play.
How do I mark tasks on my TimeFlip?
It's easy, just use our stickers or any erasable marker of your choice to write directly on your TimeFlip.
How do I assign tasks in the mobile app?
Open TimeFlip app and create your tasks in "assign tasks" menu. You can customize name, color and icon of the task and also set it billable with appropriate hourly rate.
How do I switch between tasks?
Simply flip TimeFlip over, so your current tasks faces up. Note, that it may need 1-3 seconds to sync with the mobile app after the flip.
How do I pause/resume tracking?
Short tap on pause icon "II" in the tracking screen, right to the time counter. A "play" (triangle) icon shall appear. Press one more to resume tracking.
How do I freeze tracking if I need to carry TimeFlip somewhere and want it to hold on the actual task?
Long tap on pause icon "II" in the tracking screen, right to the time counter. A "lock" icon shall appear. Now your TimeFlip can be moved without switching the task.
Can I set TimeFlip to auto pause in case I forget to stop it?
Yes, go to the settings menu and select needed auto pause range.
Do I have to keep TimeFlip app constantly on for tracking?
Not at all. TimeFlip has an onboard memory to store 1166 flips, which corresponds to the average of 40-60 days of tracking. it is enough to open your mobile app for automatic sync once in few days or even weeks.
Can I use TimeFlip without internet connection?
Absolutely. TimeFlip is able to operate without the network for the average of 40-60 days (maximum 1166 flips), storing data in the onboard memory.
How long does the battery last?
Button cell battery lasts no less than half a year and then it is easy to replace.
Do I need bluetooth 4.0 on my phone?
Yes, make sure your phone or tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 (LE).
What if I forget to turn TimeFlip on another side?
You can edit your time entries inside TimeFlip app task statistics screen, just tap on the task name to open it.
How do I update TimeFlip firmware?
Firmware updates are made via Bluetooth and available to download in the mobile app settings menu.
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